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Welcome to Lori Rose Homeopathy and thank you for choosing a Natural and gentle choice of healthcare for you and your animals.


What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a natural, safe, gentle yet very powerful and effective medical system used successfully for over 200 years in many countries around the world.   Homeopathic medicine is the fastest growing method of health care in the world used by hundreds of millions and is growing annually. It is based on the principle of treating like with like which basically means that a substance that can cause a certain disease, ailment, injury or emotional state has the ability to cure and address those problems when given in lesser doses. Homeopathy is an individualised method of healing and as a professional Homeopathic practitioner I will take each case based on the individuality of each patient giving meticulous consideration to all symptoms both physical and emotional. A full and complete history is taken so that the correct medicine can be prescribed to achieve the best results. Many chronic and refractory diseases can respond to homeopathic treatment, particularly where conventional medication may have failed. Injuries, acute, chronic illnesses and emotionally related problems also respond well.

My work and what I do

I am a Professional Homeopathic Practitioner with a very busy and successful practice. My work consists of Homeopathic consultations by means of my clinic, online and telephone consultation as I have people all around the world seeking my help and treatments.  I have also worked on the best possible Homeopathic formulas for many common conditions for both people and animals, all of which are available from the online store.  Whilst many common ailments can be treated acutely there are many conditions that will need a full consultation. 

I have also worked with animals for many years both in the healing and rescue capacity. I started a charity called Lurcher Lifeline which later became Animal Lifeline as other breeds were coming through our doors. I have worked with some amazing people to help with the rescue, rehabilitation, recovery and rehoming of many animals. I have had the greatest pleasure to be able to see so many positive changes in so many of the animals treated with Homeopathic medicine. I have an excellent success rate with rescue dogs with many emotional issues related to their traumatic past. Over recent years I have become well known and respected in the Sighthound community worldwide for various treatments for many conditions.  My work extends to all breeds and other animals too.

Homeopathy for Animals

Homeopathy has been used for animals for at least 200 years. There is great success in the use of Homeopathy for animals. It is the most gentle and natural way to treat our pets without any unwanted or toxic side effects and can treat many conditions, physical and emotional. I have achieved great success with both. Homeopathic medicines stimulate the animal's immune system and the bodies own healing ability to achieve a speedier recovery and sense of well being again on all levels. Homeopathic medicines are carefully selected according to the individual problem and have the ability to stimulate natural healing processes in the animal patient.

All types of animals respond - from dogs, cats etc to farm animals; from horses to wild animals; from birds to fish. Organic farmers rely upon homeopathic medicine as an effective, safe medicine which does not give rise to drug residues in meat, milk or eggs. Conventional farmers also make use of its benefits. We have run modern intensive farms with veterinary homeopathy, without the use of antibiotics, hormones and other drugs, showing its true capability as being a very effective and curative system of medicine.


Please be aware that when concerned about a serious problem or in cases of emergency to always seek direct veterinary attention. Whilst I will endeavour to advise and formulate treatments for animals it is the pet owner's responsibility to seek diagnosis, treatment and medical attention of their choice. All treatments purchased from me will become the pet owner’s responsibility to administer medicines and will remain within the confines of the law.

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